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Photobiomodulation is the application of red or near infrared light to muscles to enhance performance or recovery. The devices that do this are pricey...View Details

Electrical muscle stimulators in the form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) or neuromuscular electrical stimulators (NMES) are exp...View Details

The StaminaPro aims to be a recovery aid with a difference. By wearing it during exercise its makers claim that you can benefit from 'active recovery'...View Details

The TriDoc Podcast is one year old! In this episodes a look at the science behind compression garments? Sure they make you look great but how well do ...View Details

Triathletes do strength training but most ignore their respiratory muscles. Is this a mistake? Should triathletes be concerned with training their dia...View Details

Regular exercise can boost the immune system but high intensity exercise can suppress it. So is it safe to exercise when you are already sick with a c...View Details

Cold water immersion or garments are becoming a hot new idea in recovery for cyclists, runners and triathletes. But what does the evidence say? Is the...View Details

The TriDoc podcast investigates the evidence behind the practice of dry needling. What is it? Is it helpful in rehab for injuries and chronic ailments...View Details

Clavicle fractures are an unfortunately common result of even minor bicycle crashes. For decades conservative management of these injuries was all tha...View Details

Athletes have been using heart rate monitors as part of their fitness regimen for years. Recently, there has been a move to measure heart rate variabi...View Details

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